A pre-made soup delivery service by Freshly with a mobile app that allows postpartum mothers to receive social support wherever they are.

Warmly: A pre-made soup delivery service designed to provide social support to postpartum mothers.


Postpartum is one of the most challenging time for new mothers. It's both physically and emotionally exhausting experience as they recover from giving birth and adjust to the new role as a mother. The standard U.S. postpartum care is only medically based, and many new moms feel that the needs of emotional care is not adequately provided. For emotional comfort during the postpartum, social support is crucial, but with COVID-19 pandemic they don't have enough access to social support.

So I created Warmly, a new pre-made soup delivery service under Freshly just for new moms. The mobile app allows new moms to order the soups tailored to their needs and to receive virtual social support they deserve via gift registry and live chat features.


Service Design
UX/UI Design
Visual Design


Solo Designer

Type & Timeline

Independent Study
12 weeks (Fall 2020)


Adobe Creative Suite
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New mothers depend on the social support to receive emotional comfort during the postpartum period.

Postpartum period is one of the most challenging time for new mothers. It's both physically and emotionally exhausting as they recover from giving birth. The current U.S. postpartum care is medically based and new mothers' needs of emotional care is not adequately provided. To get the emotional comfort, social support from friends, family, and other moms is crucial.


How might we help new moms to have access to social support for emotional comfort during the COVID-19 crisis?

Postpartum moms during the COVID-19 pandemic have an additional challenge in an already trying situation — social isolation. They feel isolated more than ever when they need social support the most.


Food for thought: the role of food in social support and trending meal delivery services.

One of the ways people provide social support to postpartum mothers is giving food. Food really has a special power. It acts as a catalyst for connecting people. It can contribute to both physical recovery and emotional comfort. What if we use food as a mean to provide social support to new moms? What if we reimagine the pre-made meal delivery service like Freshly that's already popular among new moms?

Re-framed Problem

How can we reimagine the existing pre-made meal delivery service like Freshly to deliver the social support for new mothers?


Introducing Warmly.

A new pre-made soup delivery service under Freshly with new moms in mind. With a mobile app and physical products, it is designed to connect new moms to the social support they deserve.

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Soups tailored to new
moms' needs
Flexible delivery date
Gift registry creation
Virtual communal table

Soups tailored to new moms' needs

Users can browse through the culturally diverse soup collections with nutritions they need for different postpartum symptoms. Each items show tags to indicate what it is good for specifically (ei. mood booster, breast feeding). Users can also read more about the ingredients, nutritional facts, and calories in the product detail page.

User Needs / Insights

Every new moms have different concerns during the postpartum. Some might need more nutrition for increasing breastmilk supply and others might need more irons for hemorrhage.

Soups are the mainstay postpartum diet in many countries because of the comfort and hydration they provide.

Flexible delivery date

Even after the user selected and purchased the box, Warmly gives an option to adjust delivery date until the 4 weeks after baby's due date.

User Needs / Insights

Nobody knows when baby would be arrived even if there is a due date. This feature was designed to help reduce the stress of soon-to-be-moms worrying about box being delivered too soon or too late.

Gift registry creation

Users can create a gift registry with the input of how many meals they would need per week so that their family and friends would be able to contribute easily even when they live far from the user. Users can quickly send the registry via email, or post on their social media to get awareness.

User Needs / Insights

With COVID-19 crisis, it is challenging for friends and family to send food or travel far to support new moms.

There are family and friends who wants to help, but don't know how. Many gift registries are created for newborns. Why not for new moms?

Virtual communal table

Users can select the current mood, and join a live chat room to talk with other new moms while sipping their soups. They would feel connected to other new moms and the current mood they selected would act as a conversation starter. When there is no one in the room at the moment, a chat bot would give them option to jump to the adjacent room or wait for others with a copy says, "you're not alone who's feeling this way."

User Needs / Insights

New moms understand other new moms the best. They are going through the same journey, and with this built empathy they can give comfort and advice to each other.

Food brings strangers together. Sharing a meal can open up the conversations.

Chat rooms with different moods.
Live chat with other moms. The postpartum month tags under the profile pictures encourage users to give or ask for advices by knowing where they are in the postpartum experience.
A chat bot would give options of redirecting, or waiting to the users just entered into an empty room. Also it would provide an assurance to the user that she is not the only one feeling that way.


Is it desirable, viable, and feasible?

From concepting phase to post-presentation, I have received many feedbacks from the potential users, a subject matter expert in postpartum care, and fellow designers. They helped me validate the concept, design, and also to plan for the next step to work around the constraints.


The thing that was most exciting to me about warmly was the ability to curate based on your postpartum needs — I suffered from a postpartum hemorrhage so I had to add more iron to my diet immediately — I would have loved to eat something other than extra spinach and even better if it came to my door without having to think about it.

— Emma Barone,
New Mother


After-care for the birth person is REAL. You have a whole journey of your own to go on, separate from the baby, and will need lots of stuff (and support) to help you along the way.⁠ There are many brands focus on newborns' needs, but not a lot to serve the new mothers. We need more brands like Warmly to step forward and support new moms.

— Mandy Major
Certified Postpartum Doula,
Co-founder of MajorCare


WARMLY, love that. It was really smart to include tags on the meals that clarify how they can help (mood booster, healing, breastfeeding, etc.).

— Fellow UX Designer

The chatroom feature is really interesting, but I wonder how feasible it is to have something like that exist in a food-ordering application.

— Fellow UX Designer

Design Process

User Research

Understanding new moms.

As a new mom myself I have my own opinion on postpartum, but I didn't want to lean on to my own experience only because every moms would have different perspectives. I conducted 3 semi-structured user interviews with moms who are under 6 month postpartum and posted a few threads asking questions in Reddit's new mom community to gain insights. Also did a secondary research to find out what's missing in U.S. postpartum care, and I consolidated the findings and found out that "the new mothers need more emotional comfort which is closely connected to the access to social support."

Then I researched more on what form of social support is provided currently and found that receiving food and chat with other moms are effective ways to provide comfort for new moms. However, with COVID-19 crisis, it's challenging for new moms to receive these traditional social support anymore and they are in danger of feeling isolated when the social support is needed the most. I noticed many moms turned to the pre-made meal delivery services like Hello Fresh, Home Chef, and Freshly. I saw an opportunity there to create a postpartum mother focused meal delivery service that not only provide quick meal service, but also an emotional comfort by re-imagining the features that are tailored toward the new moms.


Understanding the current pre-made meal delivery experience.

I have ordered the products from three different pre-made meal delivery brands to study and audit the current experiences, and also to decide which brand has the most suitable brand and assets that I can build upon. After auditing Home Chef, Freshly, and Daily Harvest, I have decided to go with Freshly since they have the quickest meal prep time, and the comfortable vibe it gives with the home cooked meal like menu selections. After reading the articles on Freshly, I also learned that they were recently acquired by Nestle and looking to expand their menu. It seems like the perfect opportunity for Warmly to jump in as part of their expansion.


Ideating features following the user journey.

I have created a user journey for a few weeks surrounding new mother's due date. Then I ideated features according to the specific needs or pain points of the user during each stages and also aligned it with the brand's business goals.


Developing the Warmly brand.

After deciding the parent brand, Freshly, I have explored a sub-brand naming and determined the brand structure of Warmly to be the endorsing brand. With endorsing brand structure, I had freedom to explore different color scheme than just following the parent brand's color. But I had to make the brand of Warmly to have colors and typefaces that are complimentary to the parent brand to show they are connected. I tried to mimic the fluid typographic style in Freshly logo when creating a logo for Warmly.


Iterate, Iterate, Iterate.

I made sure I do user testing for every stage of the design process to either receive the validation, narrow down to from multiple options, or to identify a hole to fix. The example shown below is my various iterations for virtual communal table feature screens. After a few rounds of iterations, I have created a high-fidelity prototype to demo Warmly during the presentation.

View Prototype on Figma


The power of empathy.

As I reflect back to this 12 week project, I realized that empathy was there for the whole journey. It initiated this project, shaped the design decisions, and connected me to other professional and users who value the power of empathy. Just like how a new mom can be a comfort to another new mom, in my career I want to continue to deeply understand the people who I am designing for and bring comfort them by thoughtful design.

During the research, I stumbled upon an article that really helped me with new insights and decided to reach out to the author who was thankfully delighted to connect with me. Her insights on postpartum care industry was validating my concept, and later she offered me a UX internship to work at her startup company helping new moms connect to the postpartum doulas by telehealth. It was such a rewarding experience to work with someone who shares the same passion as myself.