I believe small details can make a big difference.

I am an experience designer who gets excited about small details in every projects, whether it’s finding a user’s pain points that have been neglected, or pushing a few pixels to create a clear visual hierarchy.

In my spare time, I like to wander around different places: nature trails with my 15 month old son, cities around the globe, HomeDepot for the next DIY project, and virtual kingdom of Hyrule.

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Fun facts about me.

I was 24-week pregnant when I started pursuing Master's degree at VCU Brandcenter. Gave birth during the winter break and my son is now 15 month old. I’m the first new mother in the history of the school.

In my previous career as an art director, I designed a logo for Cowboys Stadium that was featured on the building, uniforms and merchandise. Hesitant to talk about it now I am in Washington Football Team's territory.

I am an adventurous introvert. This is me being scared of heights paragliding above Interlaken, Switzerland.

My logo. My Identity.

I've had several name changes throughout my life. When I was born in Seoul, South Korea. When I moved to U.S. and picked my own name. When I got married and received my U.S. citizenship.

I wanted to design an abstract logo with three circles from my original Korean name to tell the story of my heritage, changes I have adapted, and the continuous loop of UX design process that I love.

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